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I have been quizzing since I was in Kindergarten. The first quiz I attended was conducted by the inimitable Uncle Pai (Ananth Pai of IBH). Uncle Pai publishes two of my favorite magazines - Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle. These, by the way, are not your run of the mill comics - they are treasure troves of information which help you learn everything from Indian history and myth to, literally, rocket science and nuclear physics - and enjoy yourself at the same time.

After this, I went through the usual school quizzing circuit (in Hyderabad, as a member of the Gitanjali School quiz team) and later, college quizzes when I was in Wesley College, muddling my way through a B.Sc, and Vivekananda School of Management, where I completed an MBA majoring in HR (and spent most of my time participating in one business quiz after the other).

Since 1996, I've been a member of K-Circle, one of the oldest quiz clubs in India. Since 1998, I've also been its webmaster. We at K-Circle meet every friday evening at the YMCA Secunderabad for a two hour long quiz session, and I post at least ten questions selected from the quiz within a few hours of reaching home from K-Circle.

Or rather, I used to post the quiz within a few hours of coming back from KC. Since July 2000, thanks to a career move which took me first to Bangalore, and another move in 2001 which pushed me into Hong Kong and then to Madras in 2002, the site started getting updated a lot slower. All I do these days that's KC related is to host their website.

There's a new, young (and old, tip of the hat to Devarajan Padmanabhan, one of the originals) and enthusiastic bunch of people at KC and they've turned KC around for the past few years – regular meetings, a regularly updated website .. almost wish I could move back to Hyderabad.

I was on the research team for Siddhartha Basu's Mastermind India quiz on the BBC. I was also a participant in the first edition (1997) of Mastermind India.

I also used to write regular quiz columns for The Economic Times and CafeMumbai, a Bombay oriented portal run by the ICICI group. Sadly, no time for that now. These days, time (and frequent traveling) permitting, I attend the QFI Chennai quizzes, held twice a month at the PS Senior Secondary School in Mylapore.